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Finding the Laxian Key

Subtext:  'The Laxian Key'  - for those who may wish to know - is the title of a short story first published in Galaxy Sci-Fi magazine more than sixty years ago.

Note: This is not the subject here. It only serves as a parallel for a far more real and urgent dilemma. 

The author was Robert Sheckley (1928-2005) and the storyline centred around the chance discovery of an indestructible alien artefact, a so-called 'free provider' dedicated to furnishing unlimited quantities of food for a race of other-worldly beings. Once activated, this machine taps into every type of power supply and energy source imaginable, overproducing so massively that blanketing the surface of an entire planet with its unceasing (and inedible) product is well within its prime directive.  

And it can only be shut down by using something called a Laxian Key, a device whose very nature and whereabouts had become well and truly lost with the passage of time. 

Last line: "...but, if you ever find a Laxian Key, come back. We'll erect ten statues to you!"

Frank Martens 11.08.2021 19:48

I follow along on the comments in the Haaretz, and I appreciate your effort in educating the dogmatic Israelis from the far right. Keep up the good work.

John Cronin 11.08.2021 22:51

Many thanks for your appreciation, Frank. I can only hope that the KEY will result in an end to the Israeli-Palestinain conflict and all such others thereafter.

Clif Brown 29.07.2021 22:43

You have an interesting concept, but given that the United Nations was created to perform a similar function...well, it hasn't worked. Power prevails.

John Cronin 30.07.2021 09:14

The difference with the KEY, Clif, is that it is autonomous, the benefits that humanity would derive from its use making it the go-to formula in ANY conflict.

BitinDawg 23.11.2020 16:42

The Khazar descendants appear determined to recreate their Khazar Kingdom over the whole world with Jerusalem as the Capital. The Laxian key of this arcane stat

John 25.11.2020 02:52

Intellect in the Israeli-Palestinian situation demands that an autonomous process be formulated to fix that which, otherwise, has very little chance of remedy.

BitinDawg 23.11.2020 16:48

arcane statement is tht th Khazars Jews r descended frm th ruling class of th ancient land of Khazaria, which accounts 4 their hi intelligence and their drive 2

zozo 18.10.2018 13:34

je suis à la recheche d'une belle femme pour mariage

Holly 21.12.2016 02:34

And some how you all still blew it and not only did these shananagans harm Israel they have caused extreme harm to the United States. The lock will never reopen

Holly 21.12.2016 02:29

Wow Obummer even committed treason against the people of the United States by funding rebels. He extorted our money, lied, so he could arm the Free Syrian Army.

John Cronin 21.12.2016 19:02

Have you got hold of the wrong website here, Holly? This is not an Obama appreciation outlet nor a vehicle for where the US stands on matters Middle Eastern.

AmmyThomas 20.12.2015 16:11


I q­ui­­­t wo­­­rk­­­­ing m­­­y de­­s­k jo­­­b an­­d n­­o­w, I st­­­art­­­e­d e­­arn­­­in­­g 9­­5 b­­­­­­uck­­­­­­s ho­­­­ur­­­­­l­y...H­­­­o­w I d­i­d i­­­­­­t? I a­­m f­reelan­­­­­cing o­v­­­­­­­er t­h­­­­­e i­n­t­­­­­­­­­­­­ern

John 25.11.2015 08:40

Not a problem, Blurb, since the KEY supersedes all previous instructions, admonitions and commandments linked to customs and even deities on either side.

Blurb 25.11.2015 01:01

Totally missing here is the Islamic concept of a Waqf as it applies to land, especially to the land 'from the river to the sea'. It is irrevocable.

gideon 06.11.2015 03:04

this is the most idiotic website i have ever seen

John 06.11.2015 09:53

Then, Gideon, are you advising me to write to the Guinness Book of Records and stake my claim to it being the most idiotic website in all of cyber space?

idiot 30.10.2015 17:06

Self imposed solution imposed by rest of world... Idiot. Nobody wants to fight and die for justice in a far away land. But this is injustice.

John 30.10.2015 17:49

It's a game-changer, the ONLY one that will ever work in the situation as it stands now, as it has stood for 67 years - and as it may well stand for many more.

Yonit Gefen 16.08.2015 01:22

Why would you base your solution to a war on a science fiction book that you say [in red] is not the subject? Having read your entire document, I don't see

John cronin 16.08.2015 04:42

The preamble is put there to stop people thinking what follows is about science fiction when the subject is entirely something else. What don't you see. YG?

John Cronin 18.02.2015 20:34

Adam, contact me on FB if you need more info on the 'Key.' One thing I can't really discuss is the Keys bonus/bribe element. That has to serve as its crescendo.

Adam 18.02.2015 19:18

We found your FB site and can see you are way ahead of us. Commitment & moral standing is vital to mid-east matters as there are always naysayers in the shadows

Adam 18.02.2015 19:21

Ed says IPSO is locked into 4yr cycles but will try other avenues now that

Adam 17.02.2015 21:58

If you could include your real name Cronin/Yorke as Mossad routinely open files on activists and are suspicious of aliases. I will tell Ed of the 4 year delay.

Adam 17.02.2015 21:47

Something Ed forgot to mention. We talked about you increasing your social media footprint by opening Facebook & Twitter account. They’re both free and popular.

John Cronin 18.02.2015 00:27

I am on Facebook, Adam, but haven't used twitter for quite some time.
Additional: The 'Key' also generates a big bonus/bribe for everyone upon its delivery.

John Cronin 18.02.2015 00:20

The only expertise I can claim is a comprehensive knowledge of the Laxian Key and how it might stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dead in its tracks.

John cronin 18.02.2015 00:15

My real name is John Cronin, Adam. UK citizen, born London 1945. I am presently retired and my hobby for some years has been and still is the 'Laxian Key.'

Adam 17.02.2015 21:50

Then if you could regularly link/retweet anything you find interesting, especially about Arab/Israeli peace. Also include something about yourself, hobbies etc.

John Cronin 17.02.2015 21:18

Thanks for the take-up,' Edward. It might speed implementation if it's stressed that 4 more years without the 'Key' can make matters far worse than they are now

edward 17.02.2015 12:23

Good day to you, sir. I wish to thank you for your very innovative proposal which I will convey to our next strategic planning committee meeting in Berlin.

edward 17.02.2015 12:27

Then we will request funding from the Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO) for a 4 year study prior to practical implementation of "The Laxian Key."

Erik van der Slaag 11.02.2015 16:09

My question is what do you mean by "the task ahead"? I'm interested in a substantive discussion of social policy issues. Is that what this is for?

John Cronin 11.02.2015 21:29

Laxian Key is a template aimed at ending a specific conflict, thus establishing a precedent for others, now and in the future. Is that social policy? Maybe so.

Erik van der Slaag 10.02.2015 15:50

Time is short. I like metaphors as well as the next person. What do you want us to comment upon? Religion? Organizing a humane (vs. human) society? What?

jOHN cRONIN 10.02.2015 18:03

It might help, Erik, if you could provide a critique of the Laxian Key. Do you have reservations about it or is it just perfect in every way for the task ahead?

Anthony Altman 01.12.2014 06:39

Hi John. Let me have your email address, as I would like to enter into a dialogue with you, as I have something pertinent and positive to offer.

John Cronin 01.12.2014 13:40

I'm OK with that, Anthony.
My email address is:
Where are you based? That's just to get some idea of the time zones involved.

John Cronin 08.05.2014 15:46

Thank you, Gerry.
I last read the story in my mid teens so you can imagine just how far back in time that was. But I still recall it. Is it online or on paper?

Gerry 08.05.2014 02:47

Just read the short story. The last line is "... if you ever find a Laxian key, come back. We'll erect ten statues to you!"

John 26.03.2014 02:51

I think, Martin, we may have lost ourselves in a maze of emails. Let's start again. Have you read through the entire Laxian Key and did you get my last email?

martin 26.03.2014 01:31

John. I read John Yorke--2007

Is that it?

John Cronin 26.03.2014 01:21

Martin, I'll be back in 20 mins. If you're still around, I'll try to sort something out then.

Martin 26.03.2014 00:32

JOHN! OK, I'm on the site--where's what you want me to read? Why not just attach it to an email, like I did. I'm not trying to be difficult.

t0m 31.05.2013 17:20


John Cronin 31.05.2013 17:40

Peace. One day at a time.

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