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Squaring the Circle...

Can it really be beyond the compass of the human mind to at least regulate this constant cycle of conflict in the Middle East? Well, maybe it is - but here's a suggestion for closure where the expenditure involved would seem to comprise mainly that of a few brain cells, a commodity we all have in plentiful supply.

Adam 06.02.2015 10:44

Yes I appreciate the analogy. This is Ed and DB''s passion. Music and peace without politics in the way. There is much to do yet I am sure. But this is a start.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 14:03

It's like conducting an orchestra made up of the entirety of humanity and finding, much to one's surprise, that they can be coordinated and will work together.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 13:56

The 'Key' makes use of maths, of course, the simplest geometric progression, that of 1:2:4:8:16...and I believe there's a certain music to found in it as well.

Adam 05.02.2015 11:28

Thank you so much for you swift reply, John. This visual is great for me. Edward is the one for music and maths which he loves. I am very hopeful about this.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:45

Thus other methods, ones far less violent and objectionable must be brought into play and so game concludes by abandoning direct conflict for direct talks.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:13

The best explanation is to use a simple visual one. The conflict is like two fists hitting each other constantly, each trying to force the other out of the way.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:32

Under such reversed conditions, both fists must now break off from battle since all such efforts only advance the cause of the other fist; not the ideal outcome

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:23

Now, although each fist can strike just as hard as before, its direction is reversed, its force now taking it towards the objective desired by the other fist.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:20

The 'Key' makes one, seemingly minor change in this scene. It transposes the positions of the fists, confining them to striking only the back of the other hand.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 09:05

But the dominant feature of the 'Key' rests with its capacity to provide a common escape path, a way out of a conflict that has not had one for all of 67 years.

John Cronin 05.02.2015 08:49

I see it as a new clause written into the rules of the game, one that can be exercised by all concerned as a means of final exit from this conflict - and others

John Cronin 05.02.2015 08:57

In its functional form, the 'Key' operates on the principle of 'negative feedback.' This is a very well-known form of compensation, both in nature and science.

Adam 05.02.2015 08:33

Yes, time is most vital now. Many lives are affected. Tell me, John? What is the most important aspect of your work as I would wish to explain this to Edward?

adam 03.02.2015 17:28

I just wanted to tell you I sent my brother your link. I will see him in Paris next week. He knows good people on both sides of the divide who may be interested

John Cronin 03.02.2015 18:18

Please advise him that the 'Key' only provides the instruction set for obtaining real peace. Implementation requires the biggest bribe of all time to make it so

Adam 03.02.2015 17:24

Bravo John. I missed the Wagner connection. And you are right. The Middle East is in terrible twilight now and desperately needs a new dawn to break the impasse

Adam 02.02.2015 18:29

My musician brother is helping Daniel Barenboim bring Wagner to the West Bank. I will tell him of this as he is looking for new leftfield ideas to promote peace

John Cronin 02.02.2015 22:05

Happy to help, Adam. The 'Key' is a way to kickstart the peace process. It's the first part of a cycle of Wagnerian proportions but its ending is more upbeat.

Adam 02.02.2015 18:12

Robert Sheckley brought me here as we are trying to bring his Draconian trilogy to the big screen - but your unique take on the problem has set me thinking.

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