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laxian Key (page 13)

Squaring the Circle...

And if, for some reason, it didn't work out, some unforeseen flaw in the design perhaps, well then, we could at least console ourselves with the knowledge that, in the final analysis, .............. we can always blame the Germans!

Your solution = yo-yos for everybody 01.04.2022 23:12

The UN is an approximation of your Key. UN votes on this subject constitute a clear global majority. It's made no difference without force. Key is no different.

John Cronin 03.04.2022 08:27

Are you implying that mankind should stick with a formula that's 2000 years old? Human survival is linked to its evolution; new and not old methods are needed

Perfect excuse to end the conflict? 03.04.2022 00:17

UN has done that repeatedly. Israel will have to be driven out by force of violence as the Romans did. Their 2000 year solution beats your fantasy every time.

John Cronin 02.04.2022 11:27

The KEY would be of vital assistance to Palestinian refugees by giving all Israelis + Palestinians the perfect excuse to end their ceaseless and deadly conflict

Autonomous means easier to ignore 02.04.2022 10:51

General Assembly vote NOT subject to veto. A/C.4/76/L.12 -Dec. 9, 2021 -to provide more “Assistance to Palestine refugees” passed UNGA 164 (world) to 1 -Israel.

John Cronin 02.04.2022 01:03

UN resolutions are always subject to vetoes and accusations of bias. The Key, being autonomous, provides the best of rationales to move from conflict to peace.

John Cronin 01.04.2022 19:41

The KEY is intended to stop the violence linked to the region and by each of the sides. A final solution is thus much more likely to be worked out thereafter.

John Cronin 31.03.2022 10:53

Assassinating key officials when the process is entirely autonomous might be a bit difficult when no officials are involved and support for it is worldwide.

Then your Key is useless 01.04.2022 17:54

If the Key is not intended to realize a just solution on the ground, it is no more helpful to the suffering and oppressed than a yo-yo held by an idiot.

John Cronin 31.03.2022 22:18

Changes on the ground are not the objective of the KEY.
It is a deterrent that allows all sides to argue against violence and for other options to be applied.

Facts on ground will not simply leave 31.03.2022 19:15

It is NOT autonomous when it comes to actually realizing and implementing a net territorial loss or gain. Otherwise nothing will ever change on the ground.

John Cronin 28.03.2022 23:43

' Doing nothing ' seems to be more YOUR forte inasmuch as YOU are content to dismiss a perfectly rational solution but can offer or point to no alternative.

The Key will cause violence 31.03.2022 09:40

Whenever you try to implement a net territorial loss for the dominant side, that side will resist you violently, possibly assassinating Key officials.

John Cronin 29.03.2022 20:24

The KEY works WITH or WITHOUT violence. Indeed, the whole point of the KEY is to use the violence to make it work for lasting peace in the region AND elsewhere.

Dismiss? -No, the difference is simply 29.03.2022 07:30

That I am not waiting for it. I will use whatever works in the mean time. If you think Key works without violence, you conveniently forget the lesson of Masada

John Cronin 28.03.2022 08:53

The KEY could be put into operation tomorrow, thereby resolving a situation that has been left for generations without any end in sight nor final settlement.

You're a shameless coward 28.03.2022 21:11

And God could come down from the Heavens tomorrow. Should we hold our breath? -Or forego the Golden Rule? You support what Israel is doing -by doing nothing.

I asked you a question 28.03.2022 08:11

You didn't answer. This suggests you've focused only on the Israel/Palestine conflict. You're buying time which helps Israel ethnically cleanse Arabs from OT.

You keep talking about the world 26.03.2022 20:29

Have you plied this message on other boards besides here and Haaretz? Any sites not related to the Israel/Palestine conflict? List them with citations.

John Cronin 26.03.2022 22:57

The KEY is designed as a universal solution, one that can be used in all wars and similar conflicts. Its application is worldwide and hence my reference to it.

John Cronin 26.03.2022 19:12

Who's waiting? The KEY can be put in place anytime the world has had enough of wars, conflicts and the colossal expenditures required to keep them going.

You don't start by waiting 26.03.2022 18:59

Republicans insisted the USA should stay out of WWII. FDR understood waiting would only help NZIs. Republicans were Zionist puppets. Holocaust was Zionist event

John Cronin 21.03.2022 07:08

And just how would YOU speed up any movement towards peace in the region AND also the much wider world when YOU don't even know how to start let alone finish?

You can tilt at windmills and 21.03.2022 06:50

Build cities on the Sun with your own time and life, but not with the lives of innocent people who will die while you would have us all wait. We're done here.

John Cronin 21.03.2022 01:43

Waiting for the KEY is dependent upon the whole of humanity exercising it as an option, one that's there to be taken up given the clear absence of all others.

John Cronin 20.03.2022 07:32

But there is a force behind the KEY. It's called PEER PRESSURE, the most powerful of them all in situations where human beings are in conflict with each other.

Peer pressure is about people, not Key 20.03.2022 20:48

False assumption. Governments don't always respond to peer pressure. Peer didn't save Rabin. How many more innocent lives is waiting for the Key worth to you?

John Cronin 20.03.2022 09:43

The KEY creates massive amounts of peer pressure and does so to such a degree that all other pressures keeping wars and similar conflicts in being become void.

Israel resists peer for 50+ years 20.03.2022 07:58

Peer pressure is manipulated by misinformation. Look at Goebbels propaganda. Compare media reporting of Ukraine vs Palestinians. Peer didn't help UN or PM Rabin

John Cronin 18.03.2022 01:21

Before retirement, I was an engineer and the question was HOW to fix whatever problems arose. You describe the problem but not its solution.
The KEY does this.

This engineer would say 20.03.2022 04:07

Your solution [Key] is like suggesting we can solve our energy problems by building cities on the Sun. Like the UN & ICJ, Key is useless without force behind it

This aint rocket science 17.03.2022 20:44

"Hope these are not ones that have been tried and failed..." Again you are making perfect the enemy of good. Saving lives of the weakest now is the best choice.

Spock would kick your ass 16.03.2022 23:55

"The KEY is the only logical approach..." Perhaps, but waiting for the Key is not logical. Waiting does real harm. In mean time, we can implement other means.

John Cronin 17.03.2022 04:15

If there are 'other means', then I can only hope these are not ones that have been tried and have all failed in times past and will still do so in the future.

No logic in them? Really? 16.03.2022 12:57

"How would adoption of KEY produce such a result?" It's not adoption of the Key, but WAITING for it. Every year you wait, Palestinian territory gets smaller.

John Cronin 16.03.2022 18:29

For me, the KEY is the only logical approach towards remedying an otherwise insoluble situation. But it is beyond my power to force the world into adopting it.

F your 'logical and lasting' 15.03.2022 12:23

Your way means therell be zero Palestinians left. Obviously you're OK with that. Tragically, violence worked better on Israeli voters than nonviolent resistance

John Cronin 15.03.2022 14:03

You make these strange statements but there is no logic in them. Why would there be zero Palestinians left? How would adoption of the KEY produce such a result?

Be the change you wish to see 13.03.2022 10:58

The real question is what's the point of YOU. You're sitting idly and encouraging others to do likewise -while Israel pursues ethnic cleansing. People are dying

John Cronin 13.03.2022 11:52

And YOUR contribution is what? To complain about the situation but offer no discernible nor definitive way of ever ending it in a logical and lasting manner.

In real world as opposed to Keyworld 13.03.2022 04:17

Much land is owned by Palestinian families who have worked it for generations. Under Ottoman law that validates ownership, and is why Israel began with kibbutz.

John Cronin 13.03.2022 05:42

You are missing the point of the KEY. It is not to provide ownership of the region but to impose peace upon it by creating conditions that achieve this outcome.

What a total idiot you are 12.03.2022 18:26

Rem you said "if Israel went down that road". -It is. Extinct Palestinians whom Israel has already killed off can't own any land. That's your own logic trap.!!

John Cronin 12.03.2022 21:27

The land in the KEY is not owned by individual Palestinians or Israelis. It is deemed owned by each one of the communities and is really just a means to an end.

Palestinians already hold legitimate 10.03.2022 21:20

Entitlement to much of Palestine. Media coverage of Ukraine vs Palestinian OT = bad joke. This reveals Zionist control of the media is manufacturing consent.

John Cronin 11.03.2022 04:06

It is vital that we all start 'thinking outside the box' here.
Always thinking within its confines will get us nowhere at all - and nowhere is of no use to us.

John Cronin 09.03.2022 06:48

If the Israel went down that road, Palestinians would soon hold both moral and legal entitlement to the WHOLE of The Promised Land. That's how the KEY works.

2000 year solution beats nothing 08.03.2022 19:28

You say my solutions just a complaint. OTOH, you would wait until Israel has killed off all the Palestinians, rendering your "key" moot. Like that better?

Yet again the answer is violence 07.03.2022 21:31

Like Nazis, violence is all Israel understands. Eye for an eye is better considering the alternative is Israel blinding and maiming just the Palestinians.

John Cronin 08.03.2022 03:13

Your analysis isn't a solution, it's a complaint and, as such, it contributes nothing new to what has been one of the most intractable of conflicts on record.

John Cronin 07.03.2022 10:07

Yet again, the cry is heard above the raging tumult, " Do YOU have a better idea for closure of such a long-standing and deadly a situation? If so, provide it.

Choose your side of history 07.03.2022 08:30

No one should die waiting on perfect except gutless morons who would wager someone else's life and family safety on their idea. Grab and hold this.

Regarding the World 05.03.2022 23:39

"It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” -Tell that to the Romans. As for your [Key] concept, "perfect is the enemy of good." -Voltaire

John Cronin 06.03.2022 12:07

But perfection is so rare that, whenever it makes an appearance, it is of vital importance to grab it while we can all do so.
And hold on to it thereafter.

Thy End is near 03.03.2022 21:19

There were enough Romans 2000 years ago to do the job. There will be enough of us again to do what is necessary. -In spite of your pitiful intransigence.

John Cronin 04.03.2022 03:31

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein.

Making it plain for you 03.03.2022 04:18

The Golden Rule: Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. All we have to do is enforce it equally.

John Cronin 03.03.2022 07:30

Yes, but in bad situations, enforcing this law requires ALL of us to sing from the same hymn-book, one for which we also have to write the words and the tune.

Violence in full measure. ASAP. 01.03.2022 22:17

Do YOU have a better idea, one that will end generations of conflict and violence? Yes! The Roman solution. Whatever they do to Arabs, we do to them equally.

Godot was supposedly powerful too 25.02.2022 08:09

Your idea is a fairy tale. Nothing will change, thousands more people in OT will die under the occupation, while you continue waiting for an idiot's bad joke.

John Cronin 25.02.2022 18:24

Do YOU have a better idea, one that will end generations of conflict and violent death? I
If so, then YOU are duty-bound to reveal it to the rest of us ASAP.

Whose side are you on? 24.02.2022 20:59

"The Key is autonomous and time is therefore an irrelevancy in its operation." Palestinian lives are not irrelevant, so time does matter. Your BS is irrelevant.

John Cronin 24.02.2022 21:44

It's the autonomy of the KEY that makes it so powerful. Upon adoption, it becomes like the genie in the bottle; once released,it can't be put back inside.

johncronin 20.02.2022 00:49

Only if such communication, CC, is relevent to the subject under discussion here.Theology in its more abstract forms isn't what would occupy my waking moments.

CC 15.02.2022 12:35

Salvation comes from the end of the needle.... but it doesn't.

CC 17.02.2022 10:22

So you are a man of God. That's good to know.
If it's no trouble for you, I'd like to establish private communication on your AOL address within a few days.

John Cronin 16.02.2022 17:22

It is my belief, CC, that God is involved here but He has long hoped for a rescue of the situation in a manner that magnifies and does not diminish all of us.

CC 16.02.2022 09:04

I agree it is a test, and see only justice in it.
But you have not answered my question on God, J.C. Do you see Him here?

John Cronin 15.02.2022 23:45

Life is a test for all of us,CC.
One way or another, we need to get a passing grade and if we don't, then the whole experiment that is Mankind has failed.

CC 15.02.2022 22:44

Enough with the song and dance. There is no Laxian Key. Only God may hold it. And I don't see him here. Do you?

John Cronin 15.02.2022 19:22

It did in my case, CC. I remember the needle that pumped me full of anaesthetic before my major cancer operation 5 yrs ago. Otherwise I would not be here today.

What is required is action today 12.02.2022 07:14

Only hindsight after the fact will show you where the key was. Waiting for the key is like waiting for Godot. Waiting = stall tactic while the settlements grow.

John Cronin 13.02.2022 19:54

The Key is autonomous and time is therefore an irrelevancy in its operation. Once switched on, no convincing argument can ever be found to switch it off.

Only group Israel can't undermine 06.02.2022 17:01

Is the Jewish diaspora. All others get labeled anti-Semites and ignored. Israeli resistance would galvanize diaspora to confront arrogant settlement enterprise.

John Cronin 06.02.2022 18:45

Confrontation against injustice in the region is a duty placed on everyone. But exactly HOW this can be done requires something like the KEY to take on the task

Truth = key that will set you free 31.01.2022 05:32

The only chink that might affect change you seek comes from exposing Zionist conspiracy behind the Holocaust. Only Diaspora can turn this key. Window is closing

John Cronin 31.01.2022 14:11

It may not be just the Diaspora that can turn this KEY but the whole world when it realises that even the longest night must give way to the morrow's dawn.

Hitler + Mussolini = no Diaspora 30.01.2022 19:01

Flabbergasted? Look up Magda's coconspirator Italian Jew Margherita Sarfatti (mistress of Mussolini who taught him fascism). 2 Jewish women on top of the Axis.

John Cronin 30.01.2022 22:49

Both women seem to have been politically active long before I was born (1945). I prefer to focus on what's happening now and what may happen in years to come.

Plan of Zionism required it 30.01.2022 13:57

Jabotinsky said, "Eliminate the Diaspora, or the Diaspora will surely eliminate you." Holocaust did this to all Jews who could not immigrate to Jewish state.

No Holocaust without propaganda 30.01.2022 12:06

"Are you saying Magda was a poster girl.." I'm saying Magda (secret Jew and unofficial 1st lady of NZI Germany) guided J. Goebbels to help cause the Holocaust.

John Cronin 30.01.2022 12:45

What would be the purpose of any Jew, secret or otherwise, in doing such a thing? On the face of it, it seems most counter-productive and morally reprehensible.

Joseph Goebbels had to know this 30.01.2022 11:52

If you've read wiki on Magda Goebbels and Haim Arlosoroff, then you know Magda was adopted by Richard Friedländer, a Jew who is believed to be her true father.

John Cronin 30.01.2022 09:05

And prior to marrying Joseph Goebbels she was married to Gunther Quandt. Died in 1945 after giving birth to 7 children and killing 6 of them the same day.

Are you thinking yet? 29.01.2022 21:31

Arlosoroff headed Jewish Agency political department. He represented agency during LON mandate period. He dated Goebbels' wife Magda. Coincidence? Not likely.

I'm asking you to think. 29.01.2022 02:57

Did you read the wiki on Magda Goebbels? Prior to marrying Joseph Goebbels, she dated Haim Arlosoroff, know who he is? Diaspora holds the key. Shame turns key.

John Cronin 30.01.2022 09:18

Are you saying that Magda Goebbels was a poster girl for Jewish emigration to the Middle East in the 1920s/30s? That would be a new wrinkle in the run-up to WW2

John Cronin 29.01.2022 01:50

Your comment makes about as much sense as a chocolate fireguard.

Key is to shame the Diaspora 29.01.2022 01:39

Your drivel is disappointing. The only chink is to prove Zionist interests were secretly behind the Holocaust. Read Magda Goebbels wiki. Biologically Jewish.

John Cronin 26.01.2022 21:41

No marching involved, KIEV500. Just a case of finding the one chink in the armour of a situation that has been around for decades without anyone realising it.

Kiev500 26.01.2022 04:16

What do you propose? -That we all march to the beach to make salt? How many more will die under occupation while we callously wait for Godot?

John 07.01.2022 08:06

This solution is intended for humanity as a whole. Thus it is not possible for any nation to opt-out because, being autonomous, it would include all of them.

Evolution is nice 07.01.2022 03:37

but we need effective solution NOW. Already 50 years late. Even if new government Israel on board, opposition would start civil war =collateral Arabs die first.

Israel would 07.01.2022 00:47

kill millions to prevent KEY land adjustments. Remember Bar Kokhba and Masada. Holocaust was a revisionist conspiracy to eliminate Diaspora as per Jabotinsky.

John 07.01.2022 02:55

The Laxiankey option represents a form of human evolution, that of the past giving way to a future in which this conflict arbiter can be available at all times.

John Cronin 21.05.2021 03:23

That's a scenario so unlikely, Jeremy, that, should it actually happen, the foundations of the universe would crumble into dust. And then where would we all be?

jeremy G 20.05.2021 06:46

Personally i think the best outcome would be for the state of israel to swallow the whole palestine. Israel's government is just better than gaza's.

jeremy G 20.05.2021 06:48

Under Israel freedom of religion law, muslims will be free to practice their faith and live in peace.
the same could not be same of a muslim country.

TheCasualObserver 13.02.2021 19:39

If there is a need for an adjudicator and UN acts in that role , how do we fix current issues with UN adjudication in the Middle East being accepted by all side

John Cronin 21.05.2021 03:32

Acceptance is the crucial issue here, requiring a very special form of persuasion for the world to universally endorse the concept and see it thro to fruition.

Joh Cronin 14.02.2021 05:33

If violence towards the 'other side' can promote that side's ultimate goal, even on an intellectual level, the entire situation reverses + must go another way.

J. Roland Cole 13.01.2019 00:57


John Cronin 13.01.2019 03:15

The loss of the Laxian Key created a most unwelcome situation for ALL the aliens, one they would have done ANYTHING to avoid. Might the same hold true for H S ?

Jenoye Roland Cole 13.01.2019 00:07

Refreshing/stimulating! For Israeli and Palestinian imaginations? Conflicts kill/continue. Sides harden, darken more genocide-ish. Insight/new actions possible!

John cronin 13.01.2019 03:21

New actions are most definitely required here, Jenoye, certainly if 2019 is not to play out much as has 2018 and all the years back until 1948 and way beyond.

Tom 16.11.2017 20:41

Would building Israeli settlements outside Israel count as acts of violence? For anyone concerned about Israel's creeping apartheid system, it would.

John Cronin 16.11.2017 21:48

That would be a judgement call for those tasked with making such decisions. But i see no reason why activities like this might not be submitted for evaluation.

tony 20.05.2016 12:34

Flaw? The ONLY flaw is not seeing HKBH who hides in plain sight.....

shenanigans 07.03.2016 07:19

Is this where the regrouping takes place? lol

Kit Bonde 21.02.2016 18:41

In this case I think we can blame the British and United States of America! And unfortunately the world is run by a few who decide what is wrong or right!

John Cronin 21.02.2016 21:11

Right or wrong here would be immaterial to the function of the KEY. It must only be guaranteed as being random in its deliberations to become a success story.

Tamara 22.10.2015 00:34

Inheritance and they won some of it back during the 6 day war. They'll never give up what was given to them in 1948 when they returned to their homeland.

Tamara 22.10.2015 00:31

Sorry, any terms that put them in a position where someone else says what belongs to them and what doesn't. In Israel's mind, they own all of the land by

Tamara 22.10.2015 00:28

I have to agree with Jake on this one. No one really has that right to take Israel's land from them. So they are not going to agree to any terms that out them

Steve 25.07.2015 01:34

Unfortunately today you get the phenomenon of "pallywood" where videos are made that are edited and staged to show something that is not true. Who judges?

John Cronin 25.07.2015 07:35

Such would be the deterrent value of the KEY, Steve, judgement becomes a very secondary issue, almost an afterthought in conditions that would then prevail

Mary Contrary 29.04.2015 21:41

As a Persian Muslim woman that is in a relationship with an Israeli Jew, It is difficult to try and make the rest see what we see. They are consumed with hate

John Cronin 29.04.2015 23:17

---- and with its creation, peace becomes the norm rather than an impossible dream for all sides in this matter.

John Cronin 29.04.2015 23:15

And with fear, Mary, never forget that. Here the solution is to use fear against itself and not suppress it. The Key creates a fear that surpasses all others.

Webdy 25.01.2015 01:50

Interesting but have to admit I'm lost and I read every. Page. It was like reading king James bible..not understanding what I just read.

John Cronin 25.01.2015 08:47

Sorry Webdy, I misspelled your name there. My vision isn't all that great first thing in the morning.

John Cronin 25.01.2015 08:43

Well, Wendy, it's what is very well known in engineering circles as a 'negative feedback' control. The system adjusts to correct any deviation from a set path.

Zvi Guthi 21.01.2015 08:40

Thank you for your reply.
This is where I get off.
It was smart to lead one through the stages and then say it all again in one piece.
Best wishes
Zvi Guthi

John Cronin 21.01.2015 09:30

Thank you and my best wishes to you, Zvi.


Zvi Guhi 20.01.2015 19:01

Would the plots of land be inhabited?
Would Islam relinquish its desire to Islamize the world?
Remember John Dunn's The Pulley? human nature is hereby ignored.

John Cronin 20.01.2015 20:47

Islam might find Islamising the world a bit difficult if the world has officially and forever recognised this part as Islamic and another part as non-Islamic.

John Cronin 20.01.2015 20:42

Everything is randomly based in the ' Key ' scenario so habitation falls into this category also. After 67 years, this is the only way out of an endless problem

John cronin 19.01.2015 14:10

Sara, there can be no Palestinian or Israeli Ghandi. Even if there were, he or she would know that the same fate that befell Ghandi would also be theirs.

John Cronin 19.01.2015 14:17

Correction to spelling of Sarah. My daughter's name is Sara so I sometimes get the two transposed.

John Cronin 19.01.2015 14:13

That leaves only the 'Key' to take upon itself the task of ending this entire matter once and for all. Since the 'Key' has no material form, it cannot be killed

Aaron Rosenberg 19.01.2015 13:31

Israel is undisputably sovereign from the Jordan to the sea (airspace, borders, taxes). So let Arabs ask for the right to vote. Turn Israel/Pal into a democracy

dlp6666 20.01.2015 16:24

Sounds absolutely fair but wouldn't that open door for Palestinians voting in 'terrorist' parties (eg Hamas) thus endangering lives of Jewish fellow-citizens

Sarah Rosenthal 19.01.2015 13:42

Palestinians would need a Gandhi, someone who convincingly calls to end violent resistance, and turns the fight into one for democracy, against Apartheid in WB.

Simon Schwartsky 19.01.2015 13:37

I agree, It is the "two-state" meme that's to blame. If France decided its banlieues were in extraterritoriality and used phosphorus on them, it wouldn't stand.

David Roland 18.11.2014 22:55

There isn't an unbiased observer to conduct the monitoring, is there?

David Roland 19.11.2014 12:19

John, how would one know whether or not the observers weren't incorporating their biases into the results? .... Dave

John Cronin 19.11.2014 12:12

Correct, David, there are no unbiased observers. But then, the randomness of the technique eliminates the need for such. It can work just as well without them.

Gabriel Vaning 01.06.2013 19:19

John, seriously; Virgo?! That is somehow relevant? What significant concept am I overlooking here?


John Cronin 02.06.2013 12:29

Virgo, as it happens, is of supreme relevance here. But, if I were to tell why, I would then have to kill you (as the saying goes)

Gabriel Vaning 01.06.2013 19:15

John, surely you have a more useful purpose with which you could have employed your time. I encourage you to devote the same effort to a realistic topic,please.

John Cronin 02.06.2013 12:21

Would you not agree that ending a conflict that has lasted almost as long as I have must surely be worthy of some effort?

John Cronin 06.05.2013 17:13

natural default choice for everyone. And I do mean EVERYONE!

John Cronin 06.05.2013 17:11

explore non-violent means for settling their differences. And, by amplifying the voices of the silent majority on both sides, such means soon become the more

John Cronin 06.05.2013 17:10

well count against them in both the short and long term.

The idea is twofold.

It stops the conflict.
It gives both sides good and sufficient reason to

John Cronin 06.05.2013 17:08

be blind. But the results can be biased in favour of each of the principals involved once they realise that any overtly violent activity on their part may very

John Cronin 06.05.2013 17:04

Thanks for your comments, Jake.

Where concept of the 'Laxian Key' scenario is concerned, it adopts a form of justice that has been deliberately engineered to..

jake3_14 05.05.2013 07:30

for the countries that assert such a right, because it implies that, for fairness, they should be treated just the same if the U.N. deems it proper.

jake3_14 05.05.2013 07:29

has the right to effectively revoke it. But declaring that a country's right to exist is in the hands of third parties starts down a very slippery slope

jake3_14 05.05.2013 07:27

Doing so would, in essence, revoke the U.N. mandate that established Israel. One could argue that since Israel was established by U.N. mandate, the U.N.

jake3_14 05.05.2013 07:25

The Laxian Key concept requires that other nations invalidate Israel's sovereignty, which is a key goal of the Arab states and the terrorist groups they sponsor

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